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Recently, the International Energy Agency (IEA) issued "interim 2015 IEA Gas Market Report" at the 26th World Gas Conference, and the next five years, the natural gas market outlook. According to the report, the period from 2014 to 2020, average annual growth of global demand for natural gas will be 2% lower than the previous 10-year average annual growth rate of 2.3%. By 2020, natural gas demand will rise from 3.5 trillion cubic meters in 2014 rose to 3.93 trillion cubic meters. By then, China will achieve demand climbed 10 percent to reach 314 billion cubic meters, other Asian consumption in developing countries will be 298 billion cubic meters in 2014 increased to 355 billion cubic meters. In addition to basic data, the report also sent out an important signal of the current medium-term development of the natural gas market: Despite the slowdown in Asian demand for natural gas, but energy saving tasks facing China will pull Asia and the world gas market demand growth. For this, the well-known energy expert Daniel Yergin in the subject meeting, said: "Environmental issues will urge China to increase natural gas consumption, which is certain." In fact, the Asian emerging economies, as well as a plurality of parts of the world faced with air pollution problems. Developed countries are no exception. According to environmental indicators, one day in March this year, the Paris PM2.5 index is much higher than Shanghai. According to the China Petroleum Institute of Economic Research shows that in 2014 China's natural gas consumption growth rate down to 8.9%, nearly 10-year low. However, based on our policy of support for the natural gas market, in the long term, natural gas industry still has a broad space for development. Reduce emissions become China's current development process urgent issues. The good news is that the Chinese government stated that air pollution, adjust the energy structure of the firm determination of market policy support diminished, in a bid to accelerate clean energy and renewable energy development. "Energy Development Strategy Action Plan (2014- 2020)" issued by the State Council put forward, by 2020 natural gas in primary energy consumption in the proportion will increase to 10%, doubling in 2015 on the basis of. Simultaneously gasification urban livelihood projects, in 2020 the basic urban residents use natural gas. Currently, the country is accelerating the pace of market-oriented pricing mechanism for natural gas, the introduction of the policy of non-resident stock of gas price adjustment, promote the establishment of the residents ladder gas price system in the country; infrastructure, the introduction of policies to encourage and promote infrastructure independent third party operators access system, to provide protection for the natural gas market. A consulting firm McKinsey showed that by the end of 2020, China is likely to become the world's second largest after Japan's liquefied natural gas (LNG) importer. By the end of last year, China's demand for LNG heat remains, the state introduced a number of policies to support the exploration and development of fields and LNG imports. By encouraging the use of infrastructure liberalization of the natural gas to provide convenience for the construction of LNG import receiving stations, and LNG terminals for third-party lease may provide. In addition to supporting the implementation of domestic policies, energy conservation and more domestic enterprises need to strengthen cooperation with international oil companies, as well as non-governmental organizations. At present, the parties to continue the game in the multilateral mechanisms for dealing with carbon dioxide emissions reductions established by the Western countries, the practical operation of the program has not yet introduced substantive. At the opening session of the General Assembly on the first day of natural gas, BP, Shell Group, Eni oil company, Statoil, and Total oil company and a number of oil and gas giants that attitude, support joint initiatives, called for the 21th United Nations Climate change Conference (COP21) in front of the world's carbon emissions pricing behavior. China carbon emissions as a big country, with more reductions natural power, will assume their environmental responsibility.
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