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  • Name: Enamel tube Air Preheater
  • Number: 1-21
  • Time: 2016-08-04
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the enamel tube type air preheater in the flue gas inlet firing a high wear-resistant special enamel coating, cancels the metal casing, enlarging the area of air circulation, reduce the flue gas velocity, so that to reduce wear. At the same time the flue gas at the outlet of the fireing enamel coating, completely solve the low temperature corrosion.Due to the enamel surface is smooth, not easy to produce dust, reduce congestion preheater


  • the enamel tube is with acid and alkali corrosion resistance, resistance to flue gas erosion, anti fly ash abrasion, long service life, the service life is more than five times the original steel pipe preheater, boiler preheater maintenance interval time is prolonged greatly, reduce the investment of the preheater
  • the enamel tube's smooth surface is not easy to stick ash, fouling thermal resistance is small, small flow resistance of the flue gas, change heat intensity increase (enamel tube convection for heat transfer coefficient for 24.8w/m2 DEG C, and steel tube of convection for heat transfer coefficient for 24.2w/m2 DEG C, from the material itself, the thermal coefficient gap is very small, tube wall temperature increase, total heat transfer rate is increased, thermal efficiency of the boiler is improved, thus for boiler users save the massive coal resources
  • due to the air preheater of the common steel pipe operates for long time,the accumulation of ash and other reasons, the heat transfer      effect is greatly reduced. While the enamel surface is smooth, the long time operation does not accumulate ash, the heat transfer effect is basically unchanged
  • the flue gas temperature of boiler exhausting is low, the preheater will occur low temperature corrosion, cause the preheater pipe to leak and broken, boiler users in order to prevent the occurrence of low temperature corrosion, had to raise flue gas temperature, reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler.Due to the enamel tube have low temperature dew point corrosion , the flue gas temperature of boilercan be dropped to 140 ℃
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