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  • Name: Free flow all welded plate heat exchanger
  • Number: 1-15
  • Time: 2016-08-04
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This free flow all welded plate heat exchanger is perfectly suitable for using with liquid sloaded with fibres,

cellulose, solids or sludge.This can also be used as reboiler, condenser or  steam/gas applications.

This means that it covers a vast spectrum for customer-specific heat transfer solutions. Our engineering know-how and competence in optimising heat transfer performance underscore our understanding of the demands inherent in our customers' processes and our ability to develop appropriate solutions for long years


  • channels are designed for true free flow guarantee, blockage-free operation 
  • high efficiency in heat transfer compared to shell-and-tube heat exchanger 
  • easy cleaning and maintenance,no need to dismantle pipework
  • low space requirements,saves the space
  • normally needed to pull out the tubework from shell-and-tube units,meaning a small installation space, attractively low capital investment costs
  Design parameters  
  Design pressure maximum 3.20 MPa
  Design temperature maximum 350℃
  Heat exchange area according to customer's requirements
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