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  • Name: Combined air preheater
  • Number: 1-20
  • Time: 2016-07-21
  • Views : 278


  •  this is buldingblock modular structure,thetop is all welded plate type structure,thebottom is enamel tube type structure
  •  integrating the strongpoint of plate and tube type, suitable for working condition of high sulphur and fouling resistance


high temperature section:
  • using full welded plate structure,fluegas flow from the top to bottom,formcrossflow with air
  • All welded plate type preheater in high thermal efficiency. Small floor area, easy installation and maintenance;
  • Plate surface smooth and not easy to dust, avoid fouling resistance led to the decrease of the efficiency of energy waste caused by rising

Low temperature section:

  • using Enamel tube type structure,Enamel tube surface is smooth, not easy to dust, easy to blow dust
  • enamel surface can avoid low temperature dew point corrosion

The advantages

  • according to the requirements of the flue gas and the inlet temperature divides into the heat exchanger in high temperature and low temperature, high temperature period of use corrugated board, thermal efficiency is not affected (98%)
  • low-temperature adopts column tube structure, surface enamel technology. Because of contact with the flue gas is enamel surface, can effectively prevent the dew point corrosion. Temperature of flue gas side can meet the working condition of 60 degrees, the corrosion life of 10 years, and not easy to scale, easy to blowing
  • modular combination, resilient seal connections between modules, to prevent thermal expansion failure
  • flue gas channel ,air channel and preheater interface connected by expansion joint, temperature expansion stress buffer
  Design parameters  
  Design pressure 0.008-8000 Mpa
  Design temperature 100-800 ℃
  Heat exchange area 2500㎡ for single modular
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