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  • Name: Silicon carbide tube heat exchanger
  • Number: 1-09
  • Time: 2016-07-21
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silicon carbide features

The material is made of heat exchangers fine chemicals, bio-pharmaceuticals, flue gas recovery field replacement. Silicon carbide tube heat exchanger has a compact structure, large heat transfer area per unit volume, using a reliable clamping sealing means axially retractable absorb the thermal expansion.

  • high thermal conductivity            
    much heigher thermal conductivity than other corrosion material.Less space and smaller size.lower cost.can work in high tempreture condition then graphite      

  • outstanding corrosion resistance            
    high performance of corrosion, oxidation and erosion resistance Endure high concentration of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, mixed acid, alkali, and oxidant.The only hydrofluoric acid corrosion resistant ceramic material.Long   working life    
  • Excellent  Thermal & Mechanical Properties            
    high  strength and high hardness      
    Keep  the superior abrasion resistance and antipermeability in extreme high temperature and high pressure case      
    Allow medium pass through with high speed.Available in the high temperature reached 1300ºC    


  • Health Safety Environment            
    no pollution to the medium in the strong corrosion working condition.Meet the demanding standards for pharmaceutical and food industry    

application fields and environments

  • phamaceuticals,fine chemical,chemical engineering,metallurgy industries
  • bromine,sulfuric acid,hydrofluoric acid,nitric acid,hydrochi oric acid
  • sodium hydroxide and other alkall
  • halogenated compound
  • salt solution and organic compounds
Silicon carbide heat exchanger is a kind of high anticorrosive heat exchanger, which can resist high concentration of nitric acid, mixed acid, high concentration of alkali, oxidant and organic chloric acid. Silicon carbide heat exchanger is an excellent substitute for traditional metal heat exchanger and stainless steel heat exchanger. The service life of SiC heat exchanger is several times longer than that of other heat exchanger products, which can ensure the continuous operation of enterprise production, and also greatly reduce the maintenance cost of enterprise production equipment, with obvious use benefit.
Product characteristics:
1. The comprehensive cost is lower than that of graphite and metal heat exchangers.


2. High thermal conductivity, much higher thermal conductivity than other corrosion-resistant materials, using less heat transfer area under the same heat transfer efficiency, greatly reducing occupancy space and use cost.
  Design parameters  
  Design pressure 1.0MPa
  Design temperature 200℃
  Heat exchange area according to customer's requirements
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