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  • Name: Semi-circular shell and plate heat exchanger
  • Number: 1-10
  • Time: 2016-07-21
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  • The plates are pressed by the sectional pressing process,the plate pair is welded by resistance seam welding, the outer edge and  plate pair gap are welded by Argon arc welding robot,all plate bundles are welded in the shell
  • It is better to use chemical cleaning method to clean the flow passage
  • This equipment  not only has the advantages of high heat transfer and compact structure of plate type heat exchanger,but also has the advantages of high temperature and high pressure resistant of shell and ture heat exchangers
  • This is an ideal equipment to replace the shell and tube heat exchanger in some special heat exchange process
  • This can be used in metallurgy, oil refining, chemical industry and other high temperature and high pressure industries

Technical parameters

  • design temperature: -196 ℃ ~ 450 ℃
  • design pressure: Vacuum ~ 4.5MPa
  • assembly area: ≤5000m2
  • minimum temperature difference: 1 ℃
  • plate thickness: 0.7 ~ 1.0mm




  • a lot of structure, process composition not only diverse, but the shell structure can also be designed according to the requirements of process conditions, by changing the direction of flow baffles to achieve the best heat transfer. 
  • the product consists of  the heat exchanger core, shell, pressing plate, bearing plate, baffle plates, end plates, flanges, clamping studs, brackets and other components. 
  • the entire surface of all-welded plate almost use to  heat exchange,this can make full use of metal materials. This all welded plate heat exchanger is without flow dead zone, this can provide high efficient heat exchange capacity in the low pressure drop, and can achieve very small temperature difference heat transfer requirement.
  • the layout of the plate is formed into an oval pipe on the pipe flow side, and S shaped channel is formed at the side of the plate. Plates' corrugated depth can be adjusted in order to meet the requirements of large flow, low pressure drop or larger particles in the fluid

Flow pattern

The flow method of two mediums in flow passage is the combination of crossflow and baffle,but the two sides' two fluid can reach complex  multi path layout

  Design parameters  
  Design pressure Vacuum ~ 4.5MPa
  Design temperature -196 ℃ ~ 450 ℃
  Heat exchange area 5000 square meters
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