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  • Name: Welded plate and frame heat exchanger
  • Number: 1-13
  • Time: 2016-07-21
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The plate-frame heat exchanger is composed of heat exchange core, column, blind plate, upper cover plate, lower cover plate, baffle plate, sealing gasket, support and so on. The heat transfer elements of the heat transfer core are all welded plates, and the blind plates are bolted. The easy-to-disassemble plate-and-frame heat exchanger is a new generation of high-efficiency heat exchange equipment, which combines the advantages of the removable plate heat exchanger and the shell-and-tube heat exchanger. Compared with the traditional heat exchanger, it breaks through the design idea of the conventional plate heat exchanger. It has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, small temperature difference of heat exchange, compact structure, small occupied area, convenient maintenance and cleaning, heat resistance, pressure resistance, safety and reliability, wide temperature range and strong adaptability. It can meet the requirements of petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, etc. Metallurgical, shipbuilding and other industries in the process of heating, cooling, condensation and waste heat recovery needs, widely used.
Product characteristics:
1. The core of the heat exchanger is a fully welded plate, and the blind plate is connected by a nut. The equipment can be quickly installed, disassembled and easily cleaned.
2. Symmetrical channel with oblique ripple makes turbulent heat transfer more efficient.
3. The combination of wide and short channels is suitable for easily blocked conditions.
4. Small area, vertical and horizontal installation
  Design parameters  
  Design pressure maximum 3.20 MPa
  Design temperature maximum 350℃
  Heat exchange area according to customer's requirements
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