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  • Name: Dioxin Quench Cooler
  • Number: 106
  • Time: 2020-08-01
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Product Information:

The flue gas generated by waste incineration and hazardous waste treatment process system contains dioxin. Dioxin is a kind of highly toxic substance, which is seriously harmful to environment and human health. Moreover,  it will polymerize at low temperature at 250~650℃, so it is necessary to cool down the smoke and gas in a short time from 550 to 200℃ in less than 1s to prevent the production of dioxins.

The dioxin quench cooler developed by our company uses ambient air as the cooling medium, which can be designated into two working conditions:

1.When the flue gas in combustor passes through the heat recovery boiler, its temperature is lowered to be around 500℃and then enters into swift cooling device. The swift cooling device can be designed into all welded plate structure which has the advantages of compact design, high heat transfer efficiency and low flow resistance. The flow rate of flue gas is limited within 10m/s so that the residence time in heat exchanger is less than 0.5s.


2.When the outlet temperature of combustor flue gas is at about 1000 ℃and flue gas enters the swift cooling device directly,the device structure has to be designed as silica glass tubular type.The application temperature of silica glass is at around 1200 ℃,and is resistant to temperature shock at 1000 ℃. This will ensure that flue gas will be cooled within 1s. If there is any damage,the silica glass can be easily and timely replaced, thus extend the service life of the equipment.

The dioxin quench cooler designed by our company completely separates the cold and hot fluids without changing the flue gas composition or affecting other equipments during flue gas reprocessing projects.Meanwhile the ambient air,which is taken as the cooling medium, is heated to higher temperature and can heat the flue gas entering into the denitrification device, saving the process of reheating flue gas by hot blast furnace, achieving recycling and reusing of waste heat.

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