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  • Name: Glass Flue Gas Heat Exchanger
  • Number: 105
  • Time: 2020-08-01
  • Views : 22

Product Information:

Glass flue gas heat exchanger is a heat exchange equipment using undesulfurized flue gas to heat the desulfurized flue gas to meet the required environmental protection emission standard of flue gas.The sulfur content in desulfurized flue gas is higher and will cause corrosion to equipment during flue gas cooling process. The desulfurized flue gas still has certain corrosion. The glass tube can effectively solve the problem corrosion during gas - gas heat transfer, reducing equipment investment.


Product Features:

1.High borosilicate glass is resistant to temperature shock at 400℃.

2.Silica glass is resistant to temperature shock at 1000℃.

3.The metal covering nets can prevent external shocks.

4.The third generation is under development, with internal screw and flat tube technology.

  Design parameters  
  Design pressure
  Design temperature
  Heat exchange area
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