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  • Name: Blasting furnace gas preheater
  • Number: 102
  • Time: 2020-07-21
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Blasting furnace gas preheater
The higher wind temperature is good for reinforcing blast furnace process, this technology has the good development future in China because now the wind temperature is lower generally. For increasing the hot wind temperature is up to 1200-1300℃, foreign technology generally is increasing hot wind vault top temperature fueling from high heat value coal gas and enriched blast furnace gas. During development on steel deep process, high heat value enriched gas(coking furnace gas, natural gas and others) is short badly, but the low heat value blast furnace gas has rest,how to carry out high wind temperature by the single heat value blast furnace is the researching and discussing task in steel industry recent years.
Presently this process is operated by fully welded plate type air(gas) preheater in Japan and other many countries in Europe and America.
Basing the strength of perennial experience on advanced heat exchanging technology,Wintech is succeed on researching and developing the new type fully welded plate air(gas) preheater, and promotes this product on domestic market, realizes users’ requirement on synergia,energy conservation, long term safe operation and enlargement operation of air(gas) preheater, it’s great importance on technology improvement and development in this industry.
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