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  • Name: Carbon silicon flue gas condenser
  • Number: 100
  • Time: 2020-07-21
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Carbon silicon flue gas condenser is one kind of compact structure gas-water heat exchanger, which is used on heavy corrosive operating condition such as flue gas condensing, waste heat recovery, desulfuration tower rear pass cooling water recovery and so on. 
Carbon silicon plate is used on flue gas condenser as heat transfer elements because of extreme anti-corrosion and superior heat conduction performance on carbon silicon, which is inorganic non-metal material. It makes carbon silicon flue gas condenser own high heat transfer efficiency on smooth flowing as plate type construction, and resist corrosion by flue gas with the capability on adapting to fluctuation of operating condition. 
Water flowing pass that is owned in plate ensuring the water flow distribution and heat transfer regularly, reducing times on equipment maintenance and replacement, extending equipment service life.
Feature: compact structure, high heat exchange efficiency,save floor space, anti-corrosion material, stand wear and tear, heavy corrosive resistance flue gas cooling process
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  Heat exchange area
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