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  • Name: Titanium plate type heat exchanger
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  • Time: 2020-07-21
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Titanium plate type heat exchanger
Titanium is one kind of metal material on light weight and superior mechanical performance. Titanium has favourable corrosion resistance on many industrial solutions because of preferable steady chemical performance. It can be used on many medium material such as organic compounds, alkali solution and salt solution with sluggish reaction with them. 
Shandong Wintech technology Co.,ltd researches and produces titanium plate heat exchanger uniquely basing on material advantages of titanium. 
Titanium plate heat exchanger from Shandong Wintech Technology Co.,ltd is researched and developed independently , it’s one kind of heat exchanger that is exchanged by titanium plate with a number of humps on it, and seals two plates by welding. Humps on plate increase construction strength and loading capacity because of supporting each other, also, the heat transfer efficiency is improved by perturbing flowing fluid. 
Humps plate has the favourable heat transfer efficiency as heritage corrugated plate but be with easier flowing channel than that of corrugated plate, decrease the flowing resistance on fluid. 
As result of strong corrosion resistance, titanium plate heat exchanger has long service life with little maintenance cost during operating.
Titanium plate heat exchanger is one kind of high efficiency save energy new type heat exchanging equipment, which has light weight, high heat transfer efficiency, low pressure drop, seldom happen deposition and scale formation,wash easily, compact construction, small size, save floor space.
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