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  • Name: The desulfuration GGH heat exchanger
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  • Time: 2020-07-21
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The desulfuration GGH heat exchanger is mainly used on heating pure flue gas by the primary flue gas after desulfuration. Some functions are listed as below: 
1. Increase the exhaust gas temperature and flue gas raising height. 
2. In wet desulfuration process, GGH increases moisture flue gas temperature after desulfuration, keeps flue gas far away from wet saturated temperature, eliminates the white gas venting from chimney.
3. Decrease flue gas temperature into desulfurizing tower before processing, increase wet desulfuration efficiency. 
Specializing on this process, Shandong Wintech technology Co.,ltd researches and develops the plate type GGH heat exchanger, whose heat transfer element is heat exchanging plate forming by cold pressing. Two combined plates are welded together as one team containing several flat flowing pass, then many different width plate channels are distributed regularly. The heat transfer plate is the heat transfer area because of the high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure and small size. 
Plate type GGH heat exchanger from Wintech Technology is researched and designated as the advanced high efficiency and save-energy type heat exchanger comparatively with high heat transfer efficiency, lower pressure drop, compact structure, long service life, separating cold and hot flowing fluid completely. The cross section shape of flowing channel along with liquid flowing direction is changed constantly, it increases the heat transfer performance by strengthening the perturbation of heat transfer fluid. 
The glossy plate surface makes the fouling resistance smaller. The channel distance between plates is adjustable according to the ash content in flue gas for flowing smoothly without plugging. Through flowing speed designing, the fluid in plate GGH flows turbulently, dusty deposition is avoided, heat transfer is strengthened, resistance is reduced. 
Summarizing above mentioned favorite highlight features, plate GGH heat exchanger takes the optimal heat recovering efficiency on the suitable process condition.
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