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  • Name: Air Preheater
  • Number: 095
  • Time: 2020-07-21
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Air Preheater
Product Information:
The high temperature section of all welded plate air preheater is composed of plate bundles, tube box, box body, etc. The equipment adopts the all welded plate bundle as the heat transfer unit, the stainless steel as the heat transfer element. Plates are connected by seamless welding, which not only guarantees high heat transfer performance but also solve the safety problem of flue gas leakage.
1.Compared with traditional preheaters, this equipment has the advantages of good heat transfer performance, high heat transfer efficiency and compact structure and is suitable for waste heat recovery system with clean fuel and low resistance pressure drop.
2.Plates are all welded connected together, the inner drum support between plates ensures the overall safety performance of the core and achieves stable and reliable operation. 
3.Different with other ordinary plate heat transfer products, this plate structure fully considers the fluid resistance requirement and anti-blocking measures, greatly prolonging the service life and reducing the cost caused by shutting down.
  Design parameters  
  Design pressure
  Design temperature
  Heat exchange area
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