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  • Name: Glass tube GGH heat exchanger
  • Number: 1-26
  • Time: 2019-07-23
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GGH heat exchanger is a heat exchanger which uses the flue gas without desulfurization to heat the flue gas after desulfurization to meet the requirement of environmental protection emission. The sulfur content in the flue gas without desulfurization is higher, dew point corrosion will occur in the flue gas cooling, and the desulfurization flue gas still has certain corrosion. The choice of glass tube can solve the problem of flue gas-flue gas well. Corrosion in heat transfer, reduce equipment investment.
Product characteristics
1. The inner and outer surface of the glass tube is smooth and not easy to accumulate ash, which reduces the running resistance and has good corrosion resistance.
2. Glass tube has light weight, high strength and convenient transportation and installation.
3. Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Tube (FRP) has smooth wall, smooth flow passage, low resistance and low operating cost.
  Design parameters  
  Design pressure
  Design temperature
  Heat exchange area
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