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  • Name: Oil field associated gas recovery system
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  • Time: 2019-07-22
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Field associated gas
Associated gas refers to the gas that accompanies the oil liquid in the oil field during the production process. The main component is methane, which usually contains a large amount of ethane and hydrocarbon recombination.
Associated gas recovery is the separation of ethane, propane, butane, and recombination from the gas stream, which can be further processed and sold as a pure component or natural gas mixture (NGL) or LPG.
So associated gas is an available energy source.
Oil field associated gas recovery system
The system consists of a series of heat exchangers, a cold separator and a stabilizer tower, which utilizes the cooling and evaporative cooling effects of JT to remove the heavy components of the airflow by lowering the temperature of the associated gas. JT cooling effect can be achieved by JT valve or turbo expander. After cooling, the separated condensate is removed from the air stream in the cooling separator and stored stably in the tower. All water discharged during the cooling process is recycled into the cold air stream before heat exchange with the inlet associated air stream. The combination of JT cooling and water evaporation can effectively cool the associated airflow at the inlet, which is the key to efficient extraction of condensate.
Main advantages and features
1. Depending on the composition of the fluid, the condensate recovered from the flow is typically 50 to 100 barrels per million cubic feet of gas.
2. Reduce greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions by 15% to 30%.
3. Add crude oil API (high-quality crude oil).
4, no rotating equipment or minimum rotating equipment, high availability, easy operation and low maintenance.
5. Small size and light weight.
  Design parameters  
  Design pressure
  Design temperature
  Heat exchange area
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